Maya FRP fan stack or FRP fan ring -

Fan Stack - fan stack or fan cylinder is a combination of two or more components of fan system i.e. air inlet, fan casing or ring and diffuser or velocity recovery cone-

Fan air inlet are the shape install before the fan to increase its effective air inlet area and provide smooth flow of air to the fan.

Fan ring is a ring around the fan ( therefore it also called fan ring ) which help fan to separate two different pressure plan or else air thrown by fan keep recirculating and fan will become non functional.

Diffuser or velocity recovery cone used to minimised the exit air velocity to minimised power consumption of fan.

Use of fan stack - it is used in cooling tower fan having its all three component where as in air cooled condenser ( ACC fans ) fan stack used with two component i.e. air inlet and fan casing etc.

Advantage of fan stack - using fan stake having air inlet or velocity recovery cone is very economical energy saving solution it provide immediate result with very less payback period.

maya fan offer highest range of frp fan stack and all its component separately as well as in all possible combination i.e. only air inlet, only fan casing/fan cylinder, only velocity recovery cone/diffuser, combination of air inlet and fan casing, combination of fan casing and velocity recovery cone and combination of air inlet, casing and diffuser. all of these are available from 4 to 44 feet diameter and stack height are available from 2 to 20 feet height.

Mainly fan stacks are manufactured with outside finished considering aesthetic of the equipment and having irregular finish at inside of the fan stack but functionally it has to be inside finish to support smooth flow of air, having inside finished fan stack not only help in smooth air inlet but also improve recovery efficiency of the velocity recovery cone, generally efficiency of the recovery dose not considered in the velocity recovery calculation and in actual operation recovery efficiency greatly reduce because of un even shape and high surface roughness therefore we do introduce fan stack with inside finish as well as both side finish stack which are explained as -

Inside Surface finish fan stack - from technical point inside finished is best, it will greatly improve functionality and will remain equally economical as the outside finish fan stack remain only one additional lair of epoxy coating need to be applied on outer surface of fan stack for UV protection which will improve its life. unless otherwise there will be chance of resin evaporation which will significantly reduce life of fan stack.

Disadvantage of inside finished fan stack - it will not appear as good as outside finish fan stack look thus will also affect equipment look.

Both side surface finished fan stack - it will work excellently and will improve inlet and recovery efficiency at the same time it is having same level of UV protection from both side of fan stack thus life of fan stack will increase greatly, Because of high recovery efficency this fan stack will reduce power consumption significantly and will look excellent from both side.

Disadvantage of both side finished fan stack - it will be costly compare to inside/outside finished fan stack.

Maya fan offer fan stack in all possible material - Sander frp fan stack, fire grade frp fan stack and metallic fan stack*